Natalie Canavor
Claire Meirowitz

Natalie Canavor & Claire Meirowitz give you the inside story on powerful writing, based on their own decades as journalists, editors, corporate communicators and writing-for-results specialists.

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The must-have book for everyone who writes on an everyday basis, whether you’re in the corporate, nonprofit or government world. And this book is for you if you’re an entrepreneur, a professional, a scientist, an artist ... anyone who needs to communicate in writing.

Presented in 52 bite-size, easy-reading, grammar-free "truths," the book is loaded with examples and professional tricks-of-the-trade.

The authors show you exactly how to write

  • e-mails and letters
  • resumes
  • client communications
  • proposals
  • reports
  • blogs
  • tweets, and more ...

that get what you want and need to succeed in today’s digital business world.